What Are People Saying About Us

At Buchbinder & Warren Realty Group, we have a special way of doing business with our clients and customers. Because we’re not a huge firm, we’re able to take a more personal approach. That means we can take a little more time to get to know clients. client. After all, the better we know you, the better we understand your needs and goals. Naturally, we’re pleased when our efforts meet with success, but it’s always a special pleasure when it’s acknowledged and appreciated.

"Dear Bill, Thank you very much for all your efforts and collaboration in getting 3 MacDougal Alley rented. You have been a true pleasure to work with and the epitome of a professional deal maker - particularly in this difficult market, this is critical! I look forward to the opportunity to work together again in the near future. Sincerely, Stacey"
"Brenda, I just wanted to formally thank you for a great and professional experience I had with you throughout the sales process of the apartment. From the beginning, when I contacted you with my questions regarding determining the sales climate and potential asking price. You answered all my questions and determined an asking price and ultimately a sales price that exceeded my expectations. You cared for my concerns with an existing “troublesome” tenant & helped coordinate the showing of the apartment with her & I, as I reside in Los Angeles, CA. I also appreciate your help with a contact to paint the apartment and the referral of a wonderful attorney to handle the details and closing. Finally, you always kept me posted on a daily basis & got back to me quickly when I contacted you. Needless to say, I would highly recommend you to my family and friends, if and when the situation arises. This is the ?rst time I have sold real estate in my life. Every aspect of this experience went smoothly, and I can’t thank you enough. Sincerely, Richard"
"I wanted to send a note to say how wonderful it was working with Gigi Van Deckter earlier this year. I would immediately work with Gigi again and would highly recommend her to friends and colleagues!"
"Matthew, you renew my faith in people - being so wonderful! Hope today is a good one for you - and that you do well in your work - and life! Peggy "
"Kimberly, you have been such a tremendous help and would recommend you to any looking for an apartment. If there is someone in management that I can write to stating what a great job you’ve done, please let me know."
"Bill, You deserve the biggest thank you, this was a real trial! I am so happy that it finally worked out, because , literally, it seemed like touch and go! The disingenuousness of the other brokers and the way they kept confusion and dishonesty at play was truly exhausting. It has been a pleasure working together with you, I'll miss talking with you and Matt. But we will stay in touch, for sure. Gabriele"
"Dear Brenda, I want to thank you for everything you have done. I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate the fact, I knew whenever I reached out to you, you were there. Over the years, whenever I would call you, you helped me in any way you could. You had the answers for me or you would get back to me when you did. We know each other a "very" long time. I feel that our relationship, although "always professional", at some point turned to friends. I value your true professionalism and knowledge. I truly value you as a friend. Thank you again for just being the best at what you do. Fondly Saundra Klug "
"Hi Bill, I just wanted to send a happy 2018 ad thank you note from myself and my husband. We’re renting at 214 Riverside in apartment 709 while we renovate in the same building. Rachel Stowell has been managing our apartment, etc. Your organization is run so incredibly well- professional, responsive, and courteous, and Rachel has been above and beyond in ALL counts. I told her if everyone rented from organizations like yours with people like her, the world would be a better place indeed. It truly is inspiring. Keep up the great work. Best, Rebecca Rebecca Cheeks Soule, PhD "
"Bill, Thank you for a terrific job. From the start you were focused, determined and committed and it all culminated in an amazing deal. This lease would not have been achievable without the perseverance, diligence and professional guidance of all involved. You and your team, including Matt, were tenacious in finding and pursuing Sezanne and negotiating what I believe is a remarkable rent in a retail market saturated with vacancies. Debby, not only helped negotiate the $200k + release fee from the former tenant, Wolverine, she also provided me essential guidance particularly during the lease negotiations. At your's and Debby's recommendation, Doug Taus handled the legal. He was succinct, efficient and effective in both the Wolverine Release agreement and the new lease with Sezanne. The clear summary's of the issues at each round of the lease negotiations made the entire process most efficient. Once again, on behalf of KGS Elizabeth, I thank you for all your effort and thoroughness. It was reassuring knowing that you were entrenched from day one. Thank you again. Most Sincerely, Michael Katz "
" Bill - I just want to say that it has been a privilege and a pleasure working with you. My sincere thanks to you and everyone at Buchbinder & Warren - Debby, Lori and Matthew! Speak to you soon, have a great weekend. Gabriele "
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